Our customer-friendly checkout will increase your sales by letting your customers use only top-of-the-head information, such as their address, birthday, or phone number. With Klarna your customers always pay after receiving the goods. Klarna assumes all credit and fraud risks while guaranteeing that you, the merchant, get paid.


Increase your sales

Customer buying power is enhanced with Klarna's invoicing or partial payment methods, which separates purchasing from paying. Sales also rise because the Klarna system doesn't demand any sensitive information from customers, making them feel safe.

We assume the risks

Klarna deals with potential credit and fraud risks, and guarantees that you always get paid.

Most purchases approved

With over 35 million transactions, Klarna now has one of Europe's largest databases for online trading. Klarna is also the provider with the highest approval rate.

Starkt varumärke

Våra tjänster står för trygghet och enkelhet – något som gjort Klarna till ett starkt varumärke. Idag känner majoriteten av svenska e-handlare till Klarna och associerar varumärket med trygg e-handel.

Easy to get started

Just plug it in – that's how easy it is for your online Shopitoo store to benefit from Klarna and increase sales.